The Post Office Blues

The lights are dim
Your countenance gray
to match your shirt, the floor, the day
No smile cracks your lips
No how are you quips;
The automated teller
is the nicer feller.
Where will I go
when Saturdays fail?
Off to a place
where they smile in my face

2 thoughts on “The Post Office Blues

  1. Oh, why must you have such a perfect memory!? I must admit the first note was straight plagiarism from my Bio 101 text. And only you and Diamond Deb could know the depth of the joke in the mom note! I can only hope I've made you laugh half as much as you've tickled me through the years.Thanks for the support, as usual, my friend. I hope you do stalk me!

  2. Hello my darling Nancy! I love that you are writing, and that you have a blog. Now I will stalk you! :)This is such a wonderful poem. It makes me think back to the little notes I got in college, such as:Dear Amy,Although slugs secrete mucus, coastal garter snakes from California consider them a preferred prey.Love,NancyORDear Amy,Your mom called and took me out to lunch and bought me a new dress. She also told me to tell you that she hates you.Love,NancyYou were ALWAYS a literary genius!xoxo,Amy

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