Where do you work?

     I’ve been thinking a lot lately about environments that people work in.  Many times, you have no choice but to live among muted grays and mauves, in a cubicle world.  Others, like teachers, may have a whole room to play with and add their personality to.  I enjoy seeing what people do to brighten up their work areas.  A well placed picture of the kids or a recent vacation can be a fun window into that particular teller/nurse/accountant/cashier’s life.   Just imagine what you could learn from going through the car of a salesperson who does a lot of driving.
     I’ve had such fun creating what, for me, is an inspirational little work station.  Bright colors perk me up in the morning (the perfectly situated sunny window that looks out onto a row of hemlocks is an added delight!).  I made sure to leave a good chunk of the wall blank for when I need to stare at nothing in order to think of something.  The white chest to the left was made by my great-grandfather. I was so tickled (and a little twilight-zoned) when I realized it fit exactly into the little spot I had for it.
    To top it off, I really can’t beat the commute (just up the stairs!), or the dress code (I may be in my pajamas and it may be after lunch time….).  My husband might wonder if I could beat the pay, but then I would give him ‘the look’ that would tell him not to bother me, that I’m working here.

     I’d love to hear from you: do you like where you work? What have you done to make it your own?

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