Play Time!

Welcome to my new blog space! I’m glad you have found me here.  This summer, while my blog percolated and matured, I personally looked for ways to be as immature as possible.  For example:

I have made a concerted effort, as I enter my 5th decade of life (slight wince), to join in the fun whenever I can.  A few weeks ago, that meant elbowing my way to the front row of an outdoor concert (The Avett Brothers).  As I pushed past the taut bodies and fresh faces of the young crowd, I felt like Cathy Bates in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes:  “I’m older and I’ve got more insurance!”  What fun!

One of the reasons that I like to play regularly is because most of what I write is intended for children.  Letting my inner child out to play is a key component of my “research.”  It would actually be irresponsible to me not to stay up late chatting and giggling.  How lucky is that?

Writers are often encouraged to get to know their audience.  Playing around is one of the ways I endeavor to know mine.  It is not enough to remember what you think it was like to be a kid.  Time does funny things to memories: adding maturity where there was none, taking the danger out of daring situations, smoothing the rough edges of difficult times.  When it comes to being a kid, it takes one to know one.

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