December can be a very “crazy” month.  We scramble to stay productive while we layer on extra crafting, decorating, visiting, eating, buying, wrapping, concert going….the list of “ing”s goes on and on.  So today I offer you a meditation (from a Zen scroll at a monastery in Japan) that I often refer to when I’m feeling overwhelmed, even by the good things in life:

There is nothing you must be

And there is nothing you must do

There is nothing you must learn

And there is really nothing you must become

But it helps to know that fire burns, and that when it rains, the ground gets wet

It’s a happy time of year, and I hope that you will join me in trying to steal some quiet moments to enjoy it!

4 thoughts on “Shhhh….

  1. You nailed this one. We are already feeling the pressure and just forcing ourselves into the Zen frame of mind. Similarly, Annie & Cathy cancelled their plans to come here for the Bagaduce Concert this weekend. We will enjoy Nan 1 and Jack.



  2. Just finished saying I felt the overwhelming “to-do list:” ringing my brain and came upon Shhh.. post, just right. Thank you, Nancy!

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