Diary of a Nursemaid


Day One:  Child irritable today.  How annoying.

Night One:  Child wracked with fever.  Shaking uncontrollably.  Climbed into bed and held her all night long, with one hand on her forehead.

Day Two:  Probably just a virus.  Bought popsicles, Tylenol.  Set kid up on couch with fresh pillows, stack of movies/games.

Day Three: Still sick, getting worse.  Called/emailed every parent whose kid has been sick recently to compare symptoms.  Starting to worry.

Day Four:  Oh my God she must be dying.  Lord help me.  Doctor says fluids and rest.  And if not better tomorrow, more tests.

Day Five:  Sad/happy mix to find out she has something that can be treated with antibiotics!  Ran red light going to pick up meds.

Day Six:  Husband leaves on vacation.

Night Six/Day Seven/Night Seven Blur:  Oh my God, she’s dying. This is it.  She’s too lethargic, too feverish, too sick to eat or drink.  Frantic praying/bargaining.

Day Eight:  OK, fever finally down.  Less dehydrated.  Maybe she will get better.

Day Nine:  Troops getting weary.  For every meal she doesn’t eat, I eat double.  Irritability high.  Same with kid.

Day Ten:  New prayer – Dear Lord please give me patience with this child.

Day Eleven:  Seriously, give me patience.

Day Twelve:  Still not well enough to return to school (kid).  Despondent (me).  Husband comes home.  Says, “She doesn’t seem so bad to me.”  Sleeps on couch.

Day Thirteen:  Cranky and cross (both).  Fever down, lungs healing, eating more.  Well enough to play games.  Endlessly.  Dear Lord please punish the person who created The Game of Life.

Day Fourteen:  Kid perky enough to be bored.  Seriously consider changing my name from Mom to She Who Must Be Obeyed.  Seriously, if I hear the word Mom one more time I’m gonna lose my shit.

Day Fifteen:  Kid cleared to return to school!  Tomorrow’s my day!!

Day Sixteen:  Other kid sneezes and I jump, shell shocked.  New prayer:  Seriously?

7 thoughts on “Diary of a Nursemaid

  1. You forgot the part where the reinforcements arrive and sit around your swimming pool sipping your beverages, playing pirates and calling out for pizza. Actually, we were there to keep an eye on all of the sharp objects.

  2. Been there – hated it, too. Try Scrabble with a sick child who can’t spell and has very limited vocabulary! But really, glad to hear she’s better. Hope you are too!

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