The Nerdy Book Club


I’m happy and honored to say I’m a guest blogger on The Nerdy Book Club today!

Are you a book nerd, too? If you display any of the following symptoms, you are probably already an honorary member of the Nerdy Book Club:

1.  Your nightstand is home to a precariously stacked “to be read” pile.

2.  You get excited, really excited, about new releases from your favorite authors.

3.  You have a favorite book from childhood that you have bought as a gift for at least one younger family member or friend.

4.  You prefer the book store to the shoe store.

5.  The names Harriet (the Spy), Harry (Potter), James (and the Giant Peach), Melody (OUT OF MY MIND),  Auggie (WONDER), and Ivan (the One and Only) prompt a visceral warm-fuzzy response.

6.  You rarely make it through the day without getting or giving a book recommendation.

7. Some of your best friends are teachers and librarians.

8. You always have a book nearby – in your car, bag, purse, or on your e-reader.

9.  You have a “full cart” on, B&, or Indiebound.

10. You volunteer at your kids’ school library but spend more time reading than shelving.

Welcome, member! The Nerdy Book Club is an online space designed by a group of people who wanted a place to share their love of reading with others.  The website is run as a collaborative among book lovers, and is organized and maintained by three teachers you wish your kids could have.  (It also began as a way to organize voting and announce winners of the First Annual Nerdies Book Awards.)


The site hosts various guest bloggers, and posts generally fall into five different types:

1. Reading Lives are about our lives as readers.

2. New Book Reviews are for books within 18 months of their publication.

3. Retro Reviews are for books that have been out longer than 18 months.

4. Pay It Forward posts are about promoting the love of reading to others.

5. Top Ten posts are lists of ten books or things about books.

As you might imagine, The Nerdy Book Club is a fun place to get lost!  If you get a chance, hop on over and check out my “Pay It Forward” post about encouraging the non-typical reader: Reading Outside the Box (and on it, and under it, and around it…).

As always, Nerds Rule!

4 thoughts on “The Nerdy Book Club

  1. Hmm..hopefully still on a bookshelf or in a kids’ hands somewhere. Loved those, especially “What do people do all day.” Lowly worm – what a great character name.

  2. Where are the Richard Scarry books we had when you were kids? I remember David really loved them. Dew

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