What’s your “always”?


“You always have tomatoes on your windowsill.”

“I do?”

“Every time I’ve been here, there’ve been tomatoes up there.”

Huh.  I’d never thought about that.  But to one of my nieces, who usually visits during tomato season, it is a truth universally acknowledged.

I wonder what else is an “always” in her eyes?  Hopefully it is that I always light up when I see her. And that I always remember to put a little sweet treat on her pillow and have all the fixin’s for s’mores on hand. And that I always have time to listen to her stories and take her berry picking.

A friend pointed out that a lot of our “always” memories from childhood probably stem from occasions that only happened once, but were memorable. I’ve tested this with my own family:

“Didn’t we always go to Disneyworld, every time we went to Florida?” (Truth: more likely only 2-3 times).

“Grandma always took me out for lunch, and we always got Reubens.” (Truth: one time).

“We always sat down as a whole family for dinner, every night.” (Truth: not exactly).

The fact is, you never know when one special trip, one special moment, or one windowsill of tomatoes is going to become someone’s always. 

It’s a very encouraging thought that even in the face of life’s imperfections, we all have the power to make our always something beautifully memorable.

What is your always?


8 thoughts on “What’s your “always”?

  1. Very nice, Nancy. Very encouraging perspective to think about the impact of others’ gestures toward us and the possibilities of what we can mean to others. I think the tomatoes on the windowsill must be a Holden thing because that is totally Susan too!

  2. What a sweet post! Hmm. When I first started reading I thought I’d have a bunch…but now I’m wondering if they are truly “always” or what I hope to be true 😉 From childhood I’m pretty sure my Grandma Ruth always took me back to school shopping at D & L and I always ordered a side of fried cheese from Shady Glen. Now I always have a 2 minute cuddle with Andrew before bed , and if I’m putting Alex down, I always sing him two songs. My indulgent always = I always have a beer with pizza and order creme brulee if the restaurant has it.

  3. Wow – I knew mine immediately. I *always* make my bed, every day. Even if I am staying home sick I will make the bed and lie back down on smooth folded sheets. And I might have been known to make the bed in a hotel before checking out…it’s just such a habit!

    Makes me think twice about whether I should think about my main character’s “always” as well!

  4. Love this…I have so many. Let’s see: I always have a lobster roll when visiting Maine (or any neighboring state). We’ve had a lot of visitors of the niece variety this summer. I would love to know if I’ve created any “always” for them…

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