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Wishful Adoption

I met Addie last summer. She rode around in the car with me, and I fell in love with her 12-year-old self. She is funny, resilient, and in need of love and a stable home. I would have adopted her on the spot, if it had been possible. Months later, I’m still thinking about her. I’ve actually caught myself wondering…

I’m Still Thinking of You

Today marks the three year anniversary of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Last year, I worked through my sadness by writing a post titled “I’m Thinking Of You.” Today those words are on a field trip over on Won’t you please come have a look, and share the message? I’m Thinking Of You Like…

Join the Club

“All Mothers are slightly insane.” – J.D. Salinger Please click the link below and enjoy some of my craziness. Maybe it matches some of yours. If so, great! There is always room for more monkey brains in my jungle. Join the Club | Mamalode.