Turning the Page

Image Are these girls looking back at summer, or looking ahead to fall?

It’s the middle of the night groping for the blanket you kicked off some weeks ago.  It’s the arms-crossed coffee clutch at the bus stop.  It’s trading beach towels for sweatshirts on the laundry room hooks.  It’s the screech of the school bus brakes and an abruptly quiet home.  It’s a dozen little things that in concert tell us:  fall’s here.

Most people lament summer’s end, but few, especially here in New England, can begrudge fall its season.  It’s hard to resist the crispness of the air, the apples, the new sheets of paper.  Something about that change in the air always reminds me of going back to school, and moving forward on new adventures.

For many, the road ahead is prescribed and welcoming.  Kids move through their school years and many go on to college.  Some of their parents find themselves returning to jobs, starting classes, or rekindling dreams that have been lying dormant, waiting patiently for their turn.

For a few, the next step has a definite start date, and the plan is laid out clearly for you.  For others, the path ahead may seem like that first piece of blank paper that I set out when starting a new story.  The paper is waiting, the pen is in your hand….now what?

Best of luck to all of you who have figured out the “what’s next” piece of your story.  Starting a new field of study, going back to work, getting your business plan off of paper and into the real world: it all takes real courage!

And for those of you who are wondering what turn your story will take next, join the club!  We call that a “work in progress.”  The best part is, in writing and in life, you can revise as many times as you’d like until you find the path that’s right for you.

Sit still in the silence.  Feel fall’s gentle chill on your shoulders.  The rest will come.