Diary of a Nursemaid


Day One:  Child irritable today.  How annoying.

Night One:  Child wracked with fever.  Shaking uncontrollably.  Climbed into bed and held her all night long, with one hand on her forehead.

Day Two:  Probably just a virus.  Bought popsicles, Tylenol.  Set kid up on couch with fresh pillows, stack of movies/games.

Day Three: Still sick, getting worse.  Called/emailed every parent whose kid has been sick recently to compare symptoms.  Starting to worry.

Day Four:  Oh my God she must be dying.  Lord help me.  Doctor says fluids and rest.  And if not better tomorrow, more tests.

Day Five:  Sad/happy mix to find out she has something that can be treated with antibiotics!  Ran red light going to pick up meds.

Day Six:  Husband leaves on vacation.

Night Six/Day Seven/Night Seven Blur:  Oh my God, she’s dying. This is it.  She’s too lethargic, too feverish, too sick to eat or drink.  Frantic praying/bargaining.

Day Eight:  OK, fever finally down.  Less dehydrated.  Maybe she will get better.

Day Nine:  Troops getting weary.  For every meal she doesn’t eat, I eat double.  Irritability high.  Same with kid.

Day Ten:  New prayer – Dear Lord please give me patience with this child.

Day Eleven:  Seriously, give me patience.

Day Twelve:  Still not well enough to return to school (kid).  Despondent (me).  Husband comes home.  Says, “She doesn’t seem so bad to me.”  Sleeps on couch.

Day Thirteen:  Cranky and cross (both).  Fever down, lungs healing, eating more.  Well enough to play games.  Endlessly.  Dear Lord please punish the person who created The Game of Life.

Day Fourteen:  Kid perky enough to be bored.  Seriously consider changing my name from Mom to She Who Must Be Obeyed.  Seriously, if I hear the word Mom one more time I’m gonna lose my shit.

Day Fifteen:  Kid cleared to return to school!  Tomorrow’s my day!!

Day Sixteen:  Other kid sneezes and I jump, shell shocked.  New prayer:  Seriously?